1515 Thorndyke Ave. W.

Seattle, WA  98199


         Family & Friends:  For the past few months we have been “renovating” Mom’s Magnolia House—refinish hardwood floors, new appliances & furnishings, various repairs, landscaping improvements, etc., etc.  The renovation is 90% finished and the house is quite “livable”.  It is going to take us a while longer to figure out a more permanent arrangement for the house—several variables there, only some of which we have control over--but in the meantime we are making the house available, on a complimentary basis, to friends and family who would like to stay there.  Many of you will have fond memories of the house when Mom was there and hopefully a stay in the city will be fun for you.


SCHEDULE:   We are maintaining a calendar.  Please let us know when you’d like to come and we’ll reserve the dates for you.



Please come in through the back door off the driveway.


Keypad on Back Door 

You will see a numerical keypad on the back door (left photo).  We will have sent you the 4 digit code to enter into the keypad.  When you push each digit you should see a green checkmark light up (very briefly).  Once you've put in all four digits, turn the handle below the keypad counter-clockwise and the lock will open.  Then turn the doorknob (shown in right photo) and open the door.

If it doesn't work the first time, back up and try again.  We have been using it for several months so it should work.  Every once in a great while the batteries in the keypad are dead in which case you won’t see the green lights.  You can use a key instead—we’ll tell you where it is.

     Locking The Back Door: 

     When you are inside the house you can lock the back door with the deadbolt. 

     When you are exiting the back door and want to lock it behind you, close the door and push the “Schledge” button on the top of the keypad and turn the handle clock-wise and the door will lock.  Re-entering the 4 digit code will also lock the door.

     Front Door:

           The Front Door is “original equipment” which we recently had refurbished and, while beautiful, can still be a little “sticky”.  We suggest you only use the front door for guests.



            The house is heated/cooled by a nice heat pump system.  You will find the thermostat in the hallway.  The easiest way to work it is to simply set it to the temperature you want and push “Done” (note that it won’t change unless you push “Done”).  We can also change the heat remotely and will have turned it on before your arrival.

           FIREPLACE:  Please do not use the fireplace in the livingroom—it does not draw well and will smoke up the house and set off the smoke detectors.



      Router Information:

           LOGIN:  Magnolia

          PASSWORD:  Cowdog11





The TV over the fireplace in the livingroom has two different functions:


1.    It is Samsung’s “The Frame” which can display hundreds of classic paintings (as in above photo):


2.    It can be used as a TV for various streaming services (we do not have cable TV)



     Use the white remote for either “The Frame” or TV.  A short push on the On/Off switch in the upper left will turn the TV/Frame on to where it last was.  Another short push will take you to the screen shown in the right photo above.  We are still learning how to use it.  There are apparently games, which we haven’t tried.   





          We have a security system camera in the hallway which we use when the house is not occupied, (and do not use when someone is staying there).  If it isn’t already there please put it in the front hall closet.



      Some house lights are on timers which we can adjust.

      Note:  Bedside lamps in the Master Bedroom are touch lamps--touch the metal at the bottom




            New Stove and kitchen faucet

            Plates, bowls, glasses, pots & pans

            Dishwasher—dishwasher liquid under the sink 


 Smoke Detectors

           There are several smoke detectors in the house.  All batteries were recently replaced but if one starts beeping you will find replacement batters in the drawers in the kitchen to the left of the stove.


Blankets & Linens 

          Beds are made; extra blankets & linens will be found in the cabinet/drawers outside the bathroom door.


Contact Us 

          Call or text us:  Michael:  (425) 350-5477   Sally: (425) 350-5457. 


          In an emergency, call 911.   1515 Thorndyke Ave. W., Seattle, WA  98199.

          If you have a water-related emergency and need to shut off the main water, the valve is in the basement in the northwest corner just to the

                    right of the laundry tubs.


“Checking Out”

      Please let us know when you are leaving.




Living room


Living room


Dining room




Master Bedroom



Second Bedroom


Small Bedroom/Office








Stairs to basement



New washer/dryer



New retaining wall/driveway 


View from front porch--Seattle Great Wheel and sports stadiums in background