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 Ornamental Tree Projects

        Please answer the following questions.  If you aren’t sure of the answer to any question don’t worry about it; we will work with you later to figure it out (and not every question will apply to your project).

        After you fill-out the form, please click the “Submit” button at the bottom, which will send us this information in an e-mail. 

         Privacy Policy:  We will only use this information to work with you to help figure out your project.  We will never sell, transfer or allow others to use this information for any other purpose.  Using this form is basically like sending us a detailed e-mail.   



FIRST NAME                               

LAST NAME                      



STATE                                   WASHINGTON (We only work in the State of Washington)



e-MAIL ADDRESS         Please double-check that you entered your e-mail correctly.



PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  Please give us a short description of your project (you will be adding details in the following questions).  If you have more than one area please label them Area #1, Area #2, etc.


1.  Sunlight:  What is the sunlight like where you want to plant the trees?   Full Sun, Partial Sun, shade?  Will all the trees receive the same amount of sunlight or are there differences?   If you have more than one planting area please answer these questions using "Area #1", "Area #2", etc.



2.  Soil:  As to the soil where the trees will be planted, do you know if it is good or poor quality, sandy, clay, or compacted?   Does it drain well, or are there issues with standing water? 


3.  Access:  What is the access to the planting area like?  When we park our trucks, how far do we need to go to get to the planting area?  Are there any stairs, narrow gates, rockeries, etc.?  If you have a gate, please let us know the width of the opening so we can tell if our equipment will fit through (this measurement can be supplied later if you wish). 


4.  Utilities:  Are there any underground utilities (gas, water, cable, etc.) in the area where we will be planting?   Underground utilities are usually not a problem but the question does need to be asked.   If there are utilities in the area or you aren't sure, we can call the free "Call Before You Dig" service to come out and mark where any utilities are.  

     Are there any overhead wires in the area?

     Finally, are there any sprinkler systems,  underground dog fences, landscape lighting, low overhead wires, or septic systems in the area?



5.  What is in the planting area now?  Grass or other trees?  Blackberries, stumps or other obstructions?  Anything you'd like us to remove?

6.  Does your project involve any of the following:

            High Wind Area:  

            Steep Slopes:      

            Deer or Elk are plentiful in the area:   

            Sod needs to be removed:    

            Grass or pavement needs to be protected (we can usually do this by putting down plywood and/or bringing the right equipment; there may be an extra labor  charge):


            Are there any governmental or private restrictions on planting (knowing this is the responsibility of the Homeowner), but we can possibly help you work through any "issues" by providing information:





Do you know exactly the tree(s), sizes and quantities that you want?  If so, please list them here and then you are finished with the worksheet and please click the "Submit" button at the end of this form.  If you don't know such things exactly, please continue with the questions.


1.  We'd be happy to assist you in selecting a tree(s).  Please give us a basic idea of what type of ornamental tree you are looking for, or a list of trees you'd like to consider.  We can discuss this on the phone or in person if you aren't sure.  To research our trees further, please see our "Ornamental Tree landing page" which shows a photo and basic information about each of the trees we offer, and then from there you can click to more information on each tree (each tree has its own webpage that includes information such as mature height and width, growing condition requirements, sizes & prices, etc. 


2.  How tall and wide do you wish the tree to be when it is fully grown?  Note that what we're talking about here is not the height of the trees when you buy them, but what height they will grow to.



3.  How big do you want your tree(s) to be when we plant them?  Most of our trees come in more than one size.  This often comes down to tree size vs. budget, and it is easy to give you Price Quotes for more than one size.


4.  Would you like us to deliver and plant the trees?  You are welcome to simply pick-up the trees from us and we can also do "Delivery Only", but most people have us deliver and plant them.   In the larger sizes these are big, heavy, bulky trees much to big for a pick-up truck (we use equipment to move them).  When we "deliver & plant" we include a watering system, staking if necessary and a one-year warranty.



5.  What is your project budget (optional)?  Note that we set up our Price Quotes on a spreadsheet so it is very easy to change sizes, spacing, etc. and show you several budget alternatives.


6.  Are you willing to water your trees?

           (X)  YES

           (   )  No

          Your answer has to be “Yes”; otherwise, please build a wooden fence.  There is a common misconception that because the Northwest is so wet, trees will be fine without watering.  WRONG.   Whatever time of year they are planted, newly planted trees need water their first spring/summer, sometimes every day.    So you need to have access to a water source such as an outside faucet.   When we plant the trees we provide, for no additional charge, a custom-cut above-ground watering system for your trees.  You should use this for the first spring/summer for sure, and leave it in for the hottest days of the next spring/summer.   You might also consider purchasing a water timer.  There is more information in the "Care of Your Trees' section of our website.

7.  Are you able to send us photos?:  One weakness of this online questionnaire is that you are not able to attach photos.  Please let us know if you have sent photos to us at  info@nurserytrees.com

                                  Yes, I will send photos (or have sent them)



8.  Please add any other information or comments you wish:


TO SEND US THIS INFORMATION:  When you are finished filling-out this Project Worksheet, please click this "Submit" button and this information will be e-mailed to us.


     We try to acknowledge receipt of Worksheets within two business days (please note that we are closed Mondays).  Please send photos to:  info@NurseryTrees.com.   Thank you.
















"I am really pleased with your work.  You saved me several thousand dollars, steered me away from trees that wouldn't work, provided healthy and beautiful trees, did a great job planting them, and did everything on time and on schedule.  You can quote me."                                                                          Jo, Vashon Island

"Our privacy bank of trees has done nothing but grow well into maturity.  Our back yard and deck area is totally private and the 10 trees your team planted [in 2005] are rich, leathery and dark green.  We remark on them every day it seems.  Please include me in any of your "Testimonials" as you would be hard pressed to find a more satisfied customer."                                                                                                                  Jim, Port Orchard

"For quality vs. value, your trees are the best landscape purchase I’ve ever made."    Jeff, Seattle


"Michael, I just wanted to pass along a note to tell you how thrilled I am with the trees.  The effect they have brought to our new courtyard in the front of our home here in Seattle has exceeded my expectations!"                                                                Chip Hanauer, Hydroplane Driver--Click Here to see his project.  

"I work in customer service so I know good service when I experience it and you have my top rating.  I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs new landscaping.  Thanks again.”                    Carol, Camano Island

"By the way, the trees were a great privacy feature when we sold the last house!  We now have a much larger space . . "                                                                                                   Katherine, Fall City

“My compliments to your crew.  We’ve had a lot of contractors working on our house recently and we’ve seen the entire range; and your guys were excellent. The trees make things look so much better—I started smiling as soon as I saw them going in."                                                                                    Holly, Queen Anne

"You guys are the best nursery I've ever done business with! And I have dealt with a few. You did what you said you would, on time with attention to detail rarely found. From the beginning of the quote process all the way through to the last detail you made it easy. And you work to ensure that the trees will thrive after planting with detailed advice, a complementary irrigation system, and a website filled with useful information. Most nurseries will just dump off the goods and tell you best of luck, put some water on them. You provide a quality product that sets you apart. Your crew was friendly, polite and operated as a well organized team. I would recommend you without hesitation! Thanks for doing a great job!”                                                                                                   Ryan, Buckley

"We can not believe how beautiful your trees are.  The privacy is unbelievable. If you ever need a testimonial let us know.   Our yard is perfect!  We sit there and say "my oh my”!               Suzanne, Tacoma 

"I don't think I've ever been as happy with something I've purchased."                           Sarah, Sammamish

Many More Testimonials (click here)



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