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 Sale of

NurseryTrees.com, LLC

Spring, 2018



The entrance to our River Growing Fields

            This is an opportunity to purchase an ongoing business that has a dominant position in a lucrative "niche market", and a unique, hard-to-duplicate, inventory to service that market.  There are also opportunities beyond Washington State should the buyer be so inclined.  The details are as follows:

NurseryTrees.com, LLC is a nursery tree farm located in Snohomish, WA that specializes in "Instant Privacy" trees.  Not only do we grow the trees, but we also deliver and plant them.  No other nursery or landscape company in Washington State has the experience, selection and inventory in privacy trees that we do.  Our revenue exceeds $1M per year and is going up.  Basically, business is booming.

For that last three years we have had to post a message on our website in the spring and fall asking people to be patient and "take a number".  This year we have been receiving new project opportunities at a record pace and again are almost overwhelmed and have had to go to a “Take a Number” approach.  To take full advantage of this business opportunity it is clear that one of two things needs to happen:

*Either “staff up” to increase our abilities in working with Customers, planting trees, growing/sourcing trees, providing a "maintenance" service for our "hedged" trees, and expanding to Oregon; or

*Sell the business to someone who will.

Michael Gillie, who founded what has become NurseryTrees.com 22 years ago, is now 68 years old and has made a decision to explore selling the business.  This “Sale Description” is the first step.  For more information about the growth of NurseryTrees.com, please see the “About Us” section of our website.

A National Opportunity

     Besides expanding the local, Washington/Pacific Northwest business, there is a second, related, business opportunity here.  Basically the local NurseryTrees.com business model could be used for either a national network of landscape businesses, or to fit within a larger organization’s product/service offerings.      

     “NurseryTrees.com” is an excellent domain name—we receive calls/e-mails from around the country (around the world, actually).  There is a market for privacy trees everywhere, and as explained later “privacy trees” is a valuable “niche market”. 



The Basic Business


             Before                                                                     After                    

          The basic business is simple:  plant trees for homeowners or businesses to screen-off their property from neighbors, roadways, etc.  Often the results can be very dramatic.  But, of course, the business isn't as simple as showing up with some trees--we need to first work with Customer to define their project, analyze the planting area, select the right trees from our inventory, agree on the cost, do a professional job of installing the trees, and be available for support afterwards. 

Note that “privacy trees” is a particularly valuable “niche” to dominate—sales are almost always for several trees, not just one or two, and buying the trees is not necessarily “discretionary spending” because people are so upset about the new house next door, increased traffic, etc.  Likewise, a good privacy screen can significantly increase the value of a property in a more direct way than an ornamental tree can.  Lack of privacy is a major issue with many real estate listings.

 We also sell wholesale to landscapers and contractors.  A selection of ornamental trees compliments our privacy tree offerings.   

This many years into it, many of our Customers are return Customers or referrals from past Customers.  We have an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau (their highest rating), are an Angie's List Super Service Award winner, have excellent reviews on Yelp, Google, etc. and a 100% satisfaction rating with eBay.

For more information on our overall business approach please see the   http://www.nurserytrees.com/index.24.jpg  section towards the bottom of any webpage, including this one.  And also please just spend some time looking through our website, and at some point you will definitely want to watch our 8 minute Farm Video.



Tree Inventory


Gold Rider Cypress hedged and natural (left), Green Giant hedged and natural (center), American Pillar (right)

Our tree inventory is constantly changing but is usually between 12,000-15,000 trees at any given time.  Our emphasis is on privacy trees and they can be further broken down into “Hedged” and “Natural” forms.  “Hedged” trees are those that we have been pruning each year into a ready-made hedges, keeping them narrower and thus able to be used in smaller spaces, of which there are a lot in the ever-more-crowded Northwest.  In the center photo above you can see the narrower “Hedged” Green Giants on the left, and “Natural” Green Giants on the right. 

To hedge trees properly takes several years, starting with small trees.  To our knowledge no other nursery is doing this.  Plus we have trees that others just don't have, like the Emerald Giant (right photo).  We are also growing significant quantities of basic privacy trees in several sizes including Excelsa Cedar, Leyland Cypress, Green Giants, English & Schipka Laurel, and Emerald Green Arborvitae.  All of this means that we have “privacy tree” nursery stock that can’t be purchased elsewhere and would take several years for anyone else to develop.  As a result, our tree inventory puts us in a unique position in the marketplace. 

These trees are located at our Nursery Property on the Old Snohomish-Monroe Road outside Snohomish, WA and our River Property growing fields a few minutes away.  See NurseryTrees.com for a list of trees (alphabetical list on left side of home page).  We will provide a complete inventory.  By far the best way to be introduced to our farm and inventory is to watch our beautiful 8+ minute YouTube (drone) video: 


Our Snohomish River "Growing Fields" Property

(Real Estate Included with Sale)


          A sale will include ~13 acres owned and a ~13+ acre lease--~26+ acres total--located on the Snohomish River off of Treosti Road.  Most of our privacy trees are grown here--this is flat, fertile floodplain farmland, with row after row of trees.  The YouTube video of our properties mentioned above shows the River Growing Fields well.

          Included on this property is a well with pump, raised electrical hook-up, and public water hook-up (as a back-up); with buried PVC irrigation pipe and above-ground low-water-usage Roberts sprayer irrigation serving most of the properties.



NurseryTrees.com Domain Name & Website

          Included in the sale is the domain name www.NurseryTrees.com and the related copyrighted website.  This is a valuable domain name that shows a long-term presence in the marketplace.  It is recognizable and memorable and could obviously be used far beyond Washington State.  We receive tree inquiries from around the country.  The right buyer, should they be so inclined, could take our Washington State model for Privacy Trees and establish similar businesses throughout the country under this domain name, or fit this into an existing business structure.


Valuable Search Engine "Organic" Rankings

        Our NurseryTrees.com webpages enjoy top organic (unpaid) search engine rankings in several key privacy tree terms, and have for many years.  These search results are a valuable asset and drive significant high-quality traffic to our website.  For example, here are the first two organic search results for a Google search for "privacy trees Seattle" (screenshot taken September 27, 2017):


Bing produces similar results:


Experiment with other searches with different geographic areas and/or different privacy trees and you’ll see similar organic search results.  Here's one for Excelsa Cedar, a popular privacy tree:


          We also have an established Link-Exchange Program with nurseries around the country—good for search engine optimization. 




          NurseryTrees.com, LLC owns a full line of equipment to operate this business including  Isuzu NPR 14’ flatbeds, a GMC dump flatbed, a 2014 GMC Pick-up, a Chev Silverado pick-up, a Ford Ranger pick-up, a Dodge flatbed stakeside pick-up, a CAT Materials Handler, a Bobcat Materials Handler, a Kubota Excavator, a small Kubota tractor, 2 Toro Dingos, 4 Golf Carts, and miscellaneous light equipment and tools.  These would be included in a sale.


Registered Trademark

          NurseryTrees.com, LLC is the owner of the registered Trademark “Instant Privacy” as in “Instant Privacytm Trees”.  Click here for a link to the Trademark documents.



     "I don't think I've ever been as happy with something I've purchased."

                                          Sarah, Sammamish

We have thousands of satisfied Customers throughout Washington State, and we enjoy significant repeat business and referrals from them.  We have never had a negative BBB or social media review, or lawsuit or claim of any sort.  Our approach has always been the long-term one of "the Customer is always right" (even when they aren't). 

"You’ve done some work for me and I referred you to several people because you did such an awesome job and my trees are beautiful!"     

                                                                                                Melissa,  Kent/Renton Realtor


Revenue Stream

Starting from zero in 1995, our 2014 before-tax revenue was just over $1,000,000 for the first time.  Each year since it has gone up over the previous year, with the first quarter 2018 being an amazing 50% higher than the first quarter 2017 (not shown on chart).




NurseryTrees.com, LLC has modest debt consisting of some monthly equipment payments.  The River Property lease is $5,000 per year.  All other equipment, inventory and real estate is fully paid for.

We naturally have accounts payable due in the normal course of business.



Almost all of our employees have been with us for many years and are experts at what they do with a proven track record of success.  Presumably they would wish to continue working for a new owner.  This will obviously be discussed further.


Not Included in the Sale

          The real property and houses at 13510/20 Old Snohomish-Monroe Road are the Gillie’s private residences and will not be included in a sale of the business.  The Nursery Office and some trees are located on this property and a “transition plan” will be worked out to move them both over time.  This is a good location for the business but it is not unique.


Price and Other Sale Terms


 Included in Sale (as outlined above)

          The NurseryTrees.com domain name, website, LLC business entity, intellectual property, customer lists, goodwill and ongoing business.

All tree inventory at both the Snohomish River Growing Fields and original farm.

          River Growing Fields real estate--roughly 1/2 owned property and 1/2 leased property.

          All equipment.

Purchase Price

The Purchase Price is not yet set. 

  A closing date will be established by the parties.  It is important that the transition be as smooth as possible and so it is anticipated that NurseryTrees.com, LLC owner and Manager Michael S. Gillie will play some role in the transition.  To be discussed.


             PLEASE NOTE:  This is a sale description and not an offer.  Any material facts contained herein should be independently verified as part of due diligence.  Also, Seller may keep sale discussions open for a period of time to allow contact with all potential purchasers; may modify the sale terms, approach, and/or timeline; and may select or reject any particular purchaser.

 Contact for Further Information

            Thank you for your considerations.  If you would like to discuss this further, please contact our Manager:

Michael S. Gillie, Manager

NurseryTrees.com, LLC

(425) 350 5477 (cell);  

michaelgillie@live.com (personal e-mail) 



About Michael S. Gillie, Founder & Manager

The following is from the “About Us” section of our first website.

April 22, 2001

(as shown by the Internet Archive “Wayback Machine”)











Privacy Tree Comparison Chart


Click on Chart to Enlarge

Easily compare the mature sizes, growing conditions, etc.

of all of our privacy trees.


See our Trees Growing in the Fields!

        We have a beautiful 8 minute drone video of our Snohomish tree farm

with many of the trees identified.   Click here.





Discusses all of our privacy tree options, pros and cons,

with "Before & After" photos. 

Click here.





Free, No-Obligation Estimates



Or call/e-mail us:  info@NurseryTrees.com   (425) 343-2650.



"I am really pleased with your work.  You saved me several thousand dollars, steered me away from trees that wouldn't work, provided healthy and beautiful trees, did a great job planting them, and did everything on time and on schedule.  You can quote me."                                                                          Jo, Vashon Island

"Our privacy bank of trees has done nothing but grow well into maturity.  Our back yard and deck area is totally private and the 10 trees your team planted [in 2005] are rich, leathery and dark green.  We remark on them every day it seems.  Please include me in any of your "Testimonials" as you would be hard pressed to find a more satisfied customer."                                                                                                                  Jim, Port Orchard

"For quality vs. value, your trees are the best landscape purchase I’ve ever made."    Jeff, Seattle

"I work in customer service so I know good service when I experience it and you have my top rating.  I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs new landscaping.  Thanks again.”                    Carol, Camano Island

"By the way, the trees were a great privacy feature when we sold the last house!  We now have a much larger space . . . "                                                                                                  Katherine, Fall City

“My compliments to your crew.  We’ve had a lot of contractors working on our house recently and we’ve seen the entire range; and your guys were excellent. The trees make things look so much better—I started smiling as soon as I saw them going in."                                                                                    Holly, Queen Anne

"You guys are the best nursery I've ever done business with! And I have dealt with a few. You did what you said you would, on time with attention to detail rarely found. From the beginning of the quote process all the way through to the last detail you made it easy. And you work to ensure that the trees will thrive after planting with detailed advice, a complementary irrigation system, and a website filled with useful information. Most nurseries will just dump off the goods and tell you best of luck, put some water on them. You provide a quality product that sets you apart. Your crew was friendly, polite and operated as a well organized team. I would recommend you without hesitation! Thanks for doing a great job!”                                                                                                   Ryan, Buckley

"We can not believe how beautiful your trees are.  The privacy is unbelievable. If you ever need a testimonial let us know.   Our yard is perfect!  We sit there and say "my oh my”!               Suzanne, Tacoma 

"I don't think I've ever been as happy with something I've purchased."                           Sarah, Sammamish

Many More Testimonials (click here)



Free, No-Obligation Estimates



Or call/e-mail us:  info@NurseryTrees.com   (425) 343-2650.


For more information see our web pages: 



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